Doggie daycares

It can be hard to tell if your dog is suitable or even desires to become part of a daycare. A dog owner must primarily take into consideration their puppy’s personality. Some dogs may enjoy the company of other pets, while some may defiantly not and should not be around them because of the distaste. A puppy owner must keep an eye out for their pets characteristics and habit around other animals and how they play or interact with them. If the pup does interact well with other dogs, then it is time to decide between the different levels of how well the dog interacts with other dogs. One’s pet may like playing with other dogs, but only a little bit. Another dog may act on it’s best behavior only when he or she is around other dogs, and therefor acts extremely well with companions. A dog owner must also identify how well a puppy responds to a dog park and the obstacles in it. If the pup decides to just lay on the grass the whole time and steer clear of other animals, the park may not be nearly the most suitable place for the pet. A dog must feel encouraged to become active and intermingle with other pets in order for the dog to love that park. Running into the gate right away too is also a good sign your dog enjoys going to the park. In reality, not all dogs are suitable for doggie daycares. It’s a lot of effort and they must be able to experience and enjoy it. Some dogs are more mellow than others and that is okay. They may just like to hang out with other dogs, but not necessarily run around a lot. It is important for an owner to contain the knowledge of what level there dog is on. Another benefactor many owners contemplate is how safe dog daycares really are. An owner typically needs to thoroughly check and examine the individual facility they are looking into. Some owners may decide the doggie daycare they’ve chosen needs a screening process. An owner must also make sure the daycare has a proper staff that will take care of the dog and never leave them unsupervised. It is also wise for an owner to examine the quality of schooling the staff members have in their background. If they have little to no experience with animals, another daycare may be worth looking into. It is also important for an owner to triple check the security measures at a daycare. This can include checking whether they contain double gates to outside entrances or whether or not they have electric cords in play areas. Electric chords can be quite harmful for pets to be around. A dog owner should also make sure a daycare has emergency procedures in place when something goes wrong. Often times, dog owners are concerned with the number of dogs per class and the staff-to-dog ratio. This all happens to depend on the experience of the staff person and the activity level of the dogs. Some states even contain mandated minimums. The Pet Care Services Association recommends one staff member every fifteen dogs. Dog owners may also initially ponder if their dogs size will be affected or play a role at daycare. Owners should worry less about size and look more into the activity level and the play style of the dogs. They should also analyze the size of the dog and the dogs’ personalities.