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Our dogs are our pride, our joy and our zest for life combined. They are truly our best companions who give only unconditional love and wash away all our cares and anxieties with ease. Here are a few steps to make sure that your pet lives a happy, long life.

1). Maintaining a Healthy Diet Plan

This is by far the most important factor which should be taken care of from the very first day. A healthy and a balanced diet along with the right amount of nutrients and vitamins in it are needed to help your dog lead a healthy life. Healthy diet does not mean that you over feed your dog. Overfeeding your dog can lead to obesity and heart diseases, which can result in heart attacks. To save them from these deadly blows a proper diet should be followed. Do your research and talk to a vet when deciding what type of food to give your dog. When it comes to treats, we recommend Melaleuca Procare dog treats. They come in two varieties designed to support your dog’s overall health: hip and joint treats and skin and coat treats.

2). Daily Exercise

Diet will not help alone. Your dog needs proper and regular exercise to keep them fit and fine. Taking them to daily walks in the evening and the morning can lower the rate of heart diseases in them. Engage them in interactive games when indoor to make sure they get to exercise both their mind and body.

3). Train the Mind

It is often said that a mind becomes old with age too. And certainly the mind of your dog gets old too. So to keep the mind active for a long period of time you should make your dog socialize on a higher level by daily interactions, games, training, various activities, etc.

4). Keeping the Dental Hygiene In Check

You may think it is not important but for a dog its dental hygiene and care is very much important. You should brush your dog’s teeth as often as possible, ideally everyday to ensure there are no plaques and tartar. Loss of teeth and dental problems can indicate the aging of your dog and can be hazardous.

5). Regular Doctor Checkups and Vaccines

Vaccination is very important when you are taking care of your dog. Daily visits to the doctor and maintaining a record is what you should follow on a regular basis to keep them disease free.

6). Bond with Your Dog

Bonding and loving your dog is a crucial task to help them live a healthy life. Loving your dog and telling him/her that they are special can always make a difference and help them grow fond of you in no time.

7). Enable Socializing with his/her Peers

A happy and healthy dog is one who periodically interacts with his/her peers being it at the park, special events or at doggie gatherings. Facilitate regular interactions for your doggie and he/she will also love having a ball, newly found or regular playmates in town!

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