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Daycare doesn’t have to be a backup plan for the busy pet parent. It can be what your dog may need in general to thrive as a happy, growing pup. From couch potatoes to energetic athletes, every dog is unique in his basic needs. The great news is that doggy daycare can cater to all kinds of dogs, but here are five specific types of dogs who will benefit most from it.

1. Dogs who like herding and other tasks

If your dog is a breed that is historically known to herd livestock and go on epic adventures, he most likely needs the fresh outdoors and lots of mental stimulation to enjoy life. If you’re not able to do this with your dog everyday, there are plenty of doggy daycare sitters who will challenge your pup and provide him with the proper exercises of the brain and body to keep him satisfied.

2. Dogs who love being around people and other pups

Your social butterfly of a pup enjoys being around others, and it’s probably tough already to see you leave everyday. Thankfully, your dog can have a wonderful time and play with friends to take her mind off of missing you! Most importantly, you’ll come home to a satisfied, well-rested pup.

3. Dogs with special health needs

There are plenty of dogs who have special needs, like taking medication on a daily basis or getting assistance with climbing stairs. If that’s the case, there are doggy daycare sitters who are experienced with providing that kind of help, so you won’t have to stress about doing that on your own.

4. Dogs who need some practice with socialization

For the pups who are awkward with others and needs some assistance with socialization, doggy daycare can help. There are doggy daycare sitters out there who can even provide one-on-one time with your dog if you’re uncomfortable with your pup being surrounded by eager, potential friends. This will especially be helpful for puppies who are just starting to learn how to play!

5. Dogs who are generally happy…and deserve a treat!

Although routine can be nice, a change of pace will make your happy dog even happier. When she realizes that you’re dropping her off at a magical place where she can make friends and run freely for hours, this will boost your pup’s joy level which means you’ll feel pretty great too!

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