Animal shelters often use music

There are many ways to market donation services as well as non profit organizations. Some may choose to advertise easy ways to donate, earn people’s attention by creating flashy sites, keep it simple and reduced, provide social evidence, be transparent, provide security, or give donors something nice as a from of reward. However when it comes down to it, the most important thing to utilize in order to compel others to help out and donate is targeting emotions. Evoking sympathy for others creates a natural instinct in a human that is willing to help. When we are aware of another individual being sad or in need we react by aiding in the beneficial improvement of our own species. And, the endorphin high that is initiated after helping another person besides yourself keeps humans eager to continue helping other people once they have already been exposed to it. Once an individual is able to understand the feelings of another person and put themselves in their shoes, they can really feel the desire and impact of becoming apart of a good cause. Animal shelters often use music evoking a sense of sadness in their commercials to try and encourage people to adopt or donate money to animals in need. They also use images of animals that look extremely beaten up or unhealthy. These images also cause people to feel remorse for the animals. They wouldn’t want their poor pets to go through those terrible conditions, so why would they let the animals on television go through it? And more importantly, they wouldn’t want to go through hunger or disease themselves so the animals shouldn’t either. If an individual happens to agree with the idea that cats or dogs have feelings just as humans do, they will be even more compelled to donate due to these commercials. Through seeing humanity become weak before ones very eyes, a loss of Dopamine and Serotonin in the brain occurs. Depression can occur from these chemical imbalances, and the only way to fight that off would be to participate in activities that will boost serotonin levels back up. This would include activities such as exercising, eating lots of protein, or simply donating and giving back to the community. There are many smart ways to market the donation world, but directing these marketing techniques at the people and their emotions will always be a very successful strategy.