6 Reasons Why Daycare Makes Life Better for You and Your Dog

Being a pup parent is an absolute blessing, but it poses a challenge; not only do you have to make room in your day-to-day for your dog, but you also want to make sure that he’s happy! There can be a number of reasons why you have to be away from your dog during the day—so we want to address each one and share why doggy daycare is the answer you’ve been looking for!

1. You work long hours.
Although you have epic adventures with your pup during the weekends, perhaps it’s more low-key during the weekdays. If you’re stuck in an office somewhere for most of the day, why not let doggy daycare entertain your pooch? No dog is an island, and he’ll be thankful to have someone to cuddle with when you’re not around.

2. You’re taking a day trip.
The family getaway you’ve been planning for months is finally coming up! Unfortunately, your dog won’t be able to tag along, and you’re wondering how you can find someone to hang out with your fluffy gal. If she’s being cared for in daycare, there will always be someone to give her plenty of love and feed her according to her particular diet. You can enjoy your time away and your dog sure can too.

3. You have to leave unexpectedly.
Things come up all the time, and you may have to leave suddenly. Instead of calling every single person on your contacts list, why not just drop your dog off with a trustworthy daycare professional? It’s quick, it’s affordable, and you’ll be able to handle life’s fastballs like a pro.

4. You want your dog to have a blast while you’re away.
If your dog enjoys making new friends and has the ability to play tag for hours on end, he’ll appreciate being in daycare with other like-minded canines. He will be able to stretch his legs and play games without a care in the world. In fact, he may not even have noticed that you were gone all day!

5. You don’t want to worry about your dog developing anxiety.
It’s common for dogs to develop separation anxiety when they become attached to their owners. This can lead to destructive behavior, which is why it’s important to ease your pup into a lifestyle that may not place you constantly at his side. Daycare helps immensely, because as long as your pet is with good, loving company and is able to learn that you’ll be away from time to time, he can become an independent pup!

6. You love your furry best friend.
We all want the best for our dogs, and they deserve top notch care. To ensure that your dog is having a great time, drop him off with a daycare host who can give him as much love as you normally do.