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Where to buy dog sweaters

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September 9, 2020

Where to buy dog sweaters

I love autumn. From the falling leaves to the crisp cool air, to fall cleaning, it’s my favorite season fo the year. I also love autumn because it’s what I affectionately call “sweater season.” It’s the time of year that I bring out the hoodies, pullovers, and anything else that might qualify as a sweater. I love sweaters, and my family loves sweaters, including my dog! Yes, my dog wears sweaters, too. Every year, I buy my pooch at least one or two new sweaters. I buy dog sweaters not only because they keep her warm, but also because they are super cute! When people see me walking my sweater-clad dog, they sometimes ask my opinion on where to buy dog sweaters. Here are some of the answers:

4 great places to buy dog sweaters is a great place to start with your dog-sweater shopping spree. Their prices are affordable and their selection is decent enough. Nothing over-the-top. I suggest taking a gander at their Frisco Dot and Cat Basic Hoodie.

Petco, the dominant player in pet products, has a great selection, too. Petco is a great place to shop, because they have a lovely selection available in their brick-and-mortar stores, which are everywhere! So, if you don’t want to wait a few days for shipping, just drive down the road to your nearest Petco. If you do, be sure to look at their Long Dog Clothing Co. Lumberjack Dog Hoodie!

L.L. Bean

Yup, even L.L. Bean is in on the dog-sweater action. As would be expected with L.L. Bean, their offering is very conservative and showcases subdued earthy colors. Instead of referring to it as a “dog sweater,” they refer to it as a “field coat.” At $29.95, it’s nearly double the price of a sweater from, but the quality is worth it. I suggest having at least one “field coat” in your dog’s wardrobe.

Lands End

Lands End has learned that promoting dog apparel along with human apparel is a real money-maker! If you’re looking for a dog sweater to match a human sweater, look no further than the Lands End Serious Sweats hoodie for dogs! It is designed to match the Lands End Serious Sweats for humans 🙂


If dog’s really are man’s best friend, then it stands to reason that we treat our dog like a best friend! Give your dog a gift besides a doggy toy and doggy treat. Give your dog a sweater!