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What Does Bad Breath Mean For Your Dog?

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August 23, 2021
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September 18, 2021

What Does Bad Breath Mean For Your Dog?

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Dogs have forever been revered for being man’s best friend. And like any other good friend, your dog is well-deserving of proper care and good treatment from you in return for the love and affection your pet provides you. That also includes proper dental care. Part of the dental care routine covers terrible breath. But why do dogs have bad breath?

Why Do Dogs Have Bad Breaths?

For several years, it has been a believed myth that dogs get foul breath due to dirty eating and drinking habits or as a result of their self-grooming habits. However, bad breath is not attributed to these reasons alone. At the same time, bad breath is the first sign of bad dental health.

How Is Bad Breath Associated With Bad Dental Health?

Bad breath associates itself with a lack of dental care practices and bad dental health. Also, it happens to make a permanent presence in dog teeth when debris, plaque, and tartar start to build up. These elements are usually from the dog’s food, which collects in spaces between the dog’s teeth and gums and rots there. This gives off a foul smell that results in the dog having bad breath. But then again, bad breath is only the beginning of a series of health problems if the teeth are left untreated.

What Happens After A Bad Breath?

As the plaque and tartar layers increase, so does the bad breath. While the foul smell may be the only obvious thing bothering you, deep in the dog’s mouth, the layers of plaque and tarter are rotting your dog’s teeth. Starting with cavities and slowly digging away, they will reach into the core of those teeth. This will cause immense pain to your pup, causing problems for it when it eats. Moreover, if left unchecked, the teeth may fall out. Tooth loss is the worst, taking away your dog’s ability to chew and gnaw at objects, making it highly stressful for the animal too.

What Can You Do?

If you notice that your dog has bad breath, be sure to thoroughly brush and clean its teeth. If that does not fix the problem or you are unaware of how to clean your dog’s teeth, you need to take it to the dog dentist. The orthodontist for dogs will have a thorough checkup of the teeth of your dog. This will permit the dental specialist to appropriately clean any debris, tartar, or plaque, eliminating bad breath. The dentist will likewise look for any likely dental conditions your dog might have and require treatment for. This enables the early detection of conditions such as periodontal disease. Meanwhile, we highly recommend that you opt for an experienced orthodontist, such as Dr. Cameron Clokie.

Final Words

Dr. Cameron Clokie, the dentist, dental surgeon, and researcher, is the top choice for any application in dentistry. He holds the experience of several years and hundreds of clients that he has treated with utmost dedication and skill. Suppose you’re in the Ontario region and notice that your dog exhibits bad breath or any other signs of poor dental health. In that case, make sure to make your appointment at the earliest.