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Don’t feed these foods to your dog

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April 15, 2020
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Don’t feed these foods to your dog

As a child growing up in rural Kentucky, we had a dachshund, Beau, that was like a garbage disposal.  Beau would eat practically anything.  This came in quite handy for me, because I wasn’t too fond of my veggies, but I could always count on Beau to gobble them up for me at dinner.  In our home, everyone had their usual spot at the supper table.  And Beau’s usual place was under the table chilling at my feet, for he always knew a ready meal was coming his way.  Beau was unusual in that he loved vegetables, especially cauliflower.  He lived a long life and a happy life before dying at the age of 17.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned to love vegetables.  I have also learned a thing or two about what NOT to feed your dog.  Here are some items to keep away from your pooch’s mouth.

(1) Nuts

Some nuts are better than others, but just to be safe, don’t even go there.  Macadamia nuts are toxic.  Almonds slightly so.  Why take the chance?

(2) Chocolate

Sadly, for the dog, chocolate is off-limits.  This isn’t all bad news, though, because it means more chocolate for you!

(3) Ice Cream

Same as chocolate: A big. Fat. NO.  Ice cream doesn’t work well with a dog’s lactose intolerance, and it has waaaay too much sugar for Fido.

(4) Onions

First, why would you ever feed onions to a dog? But then again, there was Beau 🙂  The truth is, onions are the catalyst for some pretty nasty gastrointestinal drama for dogs.  Spare them the anguish and leave onions off their plate.

(5) Grapes/Raisins

For some reason, which scientists apparently don’t know, grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure in dogs.  Enough said.

I recently read an article at the blog that talked about sneaking veggies into your diet.  While that may be a good idea for humans, don’t be too concerned about sneaking veggies into your pet’s diet.  Instead, they rely on trusted dog food from the pet store.  It’s the safe and responsible route.