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Have you looked around and considered how many electronic devices you are using on a daily basis? Our lives are totally surrounded by electronics assisting us, guiding us and sometimes frustrating us too. They have even made their way into the world of pet doors.
There are many manufacturers producing electronic pet doors to make your life and the life of your furry friends easier and safer. While electronic pet doors offer the basic functionality of a pet door, to let your dog or cat outside and then back in again, their options and purpose vary. Like manual pet doors, electronic dog and cat doors can be installed in human doors, walls, sliding glass doors and sash windows. Additionally, they can prevent unwanted animals from entering your home (a couple of models keep out raccoons), restrict which pets are allowed to use the door, some feature timer controls and some can even raise the “flap” for the pet! Let’s review some of the most popular models of these doors and their features.
Raccoon-Proof for Small Dogs and Cats
For small doggies and cats, a couple of the most popular models are the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door and Cat Mate “Elite” 305 Super Selective Electronic Cat Door. These are two models that are raccoon proof!

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door
• Works with a microchip implanted, by your vet, in your pet so a collar is not necessary. If your dog or cat does not have a microchip this door works with a collar key too, ships with one collar key.
• Can be used with up to thirty-two different pets – for those pet lovers or foster parents
• Features a programmable curfew mode which allows you to lock and unlock the flap at certain times
• Special “Raccoon Mode” can be activated to prevent the most determined creatures outside.
• This flap is one of the largest microchip pet doors with a generous 7 inch wide by 7 inch high opening
• Install in a door, wall (optional wall kit needed), glass (before it is tempered) or in the Thermo Panel for sliding glass doors or Thermo Sash for sash windows
Cat Mate Elite 305
• Uses RFID collar key technology, ships with two keys.
• Program a maximum of eight pets
• It has a cool feature that shows which pets are either inside or outside
• Flap size of 6 inches wide by 6 inches high.
• Timer control included
• Install in a human door or wall.
Larger Dogs
For larger dogs the that raise the flap for them, like the High Tech Power Pet Automatic Pet Door or PlexiDor Electronic Pet Door, are great options. Both of these doors have a safe-close mode to prevent the door from closing on your pets.
Another thing to consider when selecting this style of pet door is that the interior frame can be as high as 54 inches so you’ll need plenty of vertical wall space.
High Tech Power Pet Automatic Pet Doors
• Activated by a battery powered collar key (MS-4 is water resistant and MS-5 is rugged and waterproof). Ships with your choice of one collar key.
• Power source is wall outlet
• Optional battery backup and optional battery charger kit available in case the power goes out. You may use battery as the primary power source on door mount or sliding glass door panels
• Available in two opening sizes: 8 ¼ inches wide by 10 inches high and 12 ¼ inches wide by 16 inches high
• Programmable 4-way access control (Open, Closed, In-only or Out-only) for an unlimited number of pets
• Install in a human door, wall or a sliding glass door panel insert.

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